Mainly aimed at people with auditory and visual impairments.

Access Los tres chanchitos

The digital version of “Los Tres Chanchitos en el Circo” (The Three Little Piggies at the circus) is a new multimodal book that provides straightforward access to knowledge and culture to people with auditory and visual impairments.

Like the inclusive version of Papelucho, Los Tres Chanchitos en el Circo was created as part of an agreement with Senadis –within the 2014 FONAPI project– and features a combination of text, audio, and video resources, as well as a sign language interpreter. All of this makes it possible to preserve the traditional formula, now complemented with this set of inclusive solutions.

The digital and accessible version of this classic of children’s literature is an inclusive project in the broadest sense, suited for home and classroom use. It was developed in close collaboration with students with a disability, who shaped the story and even chose the name of the protagonists. This resulted in a book that takes children’s needs into account and considered diversity from the start.

Both Senadis, which funded the project, and CEDETi UC believe that this project will have a prolonged impact, considering that books are cultural works with no expiry date.

You can access the handbooks here:

Handbook for Parents / Educators

Screen reader help


Imagen presentación con subdirectora nacional de Senadis, Viviana Ávila

Versions of Los 3 Chanchitos

Los 3 Chanchitos (versión auditiva)


Los 3 Chanchitos (versión visual)

version visual