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The digital and accessible version of Papelucho makes it easier for people with auditory and visual impairments to read and understand this classic of Chilean children's literature.

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Papelucho is a multimodal digital book that combines various communication solutions for the blind and deaf community.

The multimodal approach emerged mainly in response to the multiple needs of people with an auditory impairment. Thus, while some people find it easier to understand a message conveyed through text and images due to their greater reading skills, others require sign language and illustration-based support.

The book also includes a full version in which some complex words, in the version with text, are expressed in sign language while keeping the image on the screen. Therefore, text, image, and sign language are a part of the whole.

This multimodal combination makes it easier for people with a hearing deficit to understand the meaning of Papelucho’s story through various means of accessing knowledge. At the same time, the audio system also guarantees the inclusion of blind people.

Papelucho is a book series created by the Chilean writer Marcela Paz. Its protagonist, an eight-year-old boy called precisely Papelucho, narrates his adventures through a diary.

The digital version of Papelucho accessible for deaf and blind people resulted from a joint project of Ediciones Marcela Paz SA. and the National Disability Department of the Chilean Government (Senadis).

It is available online free of charge and was presented at the 2014 Santiago International Book Fair (FILSA).