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Upper Extremity Functionality Assessment Scale for Neuromuscular Diseases

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The present Upper Extremity Functionality Assessment Scale  (UEFAS) for Neuromuscular Diseases is valid for neuromuscular diseases such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This instrument is especially useful for assessing the functionality of children or adults in stages subsequent to walking loss and provides objective information that makes it possible to evaluate the impact of therapeutic interventions and the temporal progression of the condition, thus helping improve the management of these patients.

The instrument was developed to be free of charge and easy to access. The elements required to administer it correctly are common, low-cost, and easy to obtain.

The scale is divided into four dimensions: shoulder, elbow, wrist, and instrumental skills.

The administration manual includes a list of the elements required to employ the scale and a detailed description of how to make some of the materials. In order to assess each of these dimensions, the administration manual, the administration protocol, and the specific materials of each dimension are required.

You can read the paper: Escala de evaluación funcional de extremidades superiores en niños con distrofia muscular de Duchenne y Atrofia músculo espinal [Upper Extremity Functionality Assessment Scale for Children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Spinal Muscular Atrophy] (2016)

Raúl G.  Escobar, Nayadet Lucero, Carmen Solares, Victoria Espinoza, Odalie Moscoso, Polín Olguín, Karin T. Muñoz, & Ricardo Rosas