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A tool for supporting literacy teaching in deaf and hearing impaired students

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Sueñaletras is an application designed as a teacher support program, aimed at teaching deaf and hearing impaired children aged 4-10 to read and write. It is a versatile tool, adaptable to the experience and needs of each user, which has also proven successful in children with other special educational needs.

It combines resources that strengthen reading comprehension: sign language videos, dactylological activities, and representations of lip reading, all of them combined with written text.

It has Chilean, Mexican, Uruguayan, Costa Rican, Spanish, Argentinian, Colombian, Catalan, Ecuadorian and Panamanian versions, all of which can be downloaded for autonomous off-line use.

This differentiation is necessary because, for instance, the same word may not be necessarily translated in the same way into Mexican Sign Language as into Chilean sign language, and the same is true for dactylological representations.

Sueñaletras makes it possible to add new words and their associated representations to the resources mentioned above.

This program was selected among the six winners of the 2011 WISE Awards, sponsored by the Qatar Foundation, because it was considered to be an educational project with a major impact on education and society.

It was developed by CEDETi UC with the support of institutions such as the Inter-American Development Bank and Gallaudet University.

Versions of Sueñaletras

Version 3.0

Pakistan (IQRA)

IQRA Download


Dibujo de Flu Chile Download


flu panamá Download


Dibujo de Flu Colombia Download


Dibujo de Flu Argenina Download


Dibujo de Flu España Download

Costa Rica

Dibujo de Flu Costa Rica Download


Dibujo Flu Uruguay Download


Dibujo de Flu Mexico Download


Dibujo de Flu de Sueñaletras Ecuador Download

Version 2.5 (customizable)

Estados Unidos

Sueñaletras Inglés Download


Sueñaletras Francés Download


Sueñaletras Portugués Download


Sueñaletras Griego Download


Sueñaletras Sueco Download


Sueñaletras Italiano Download

Version 2.0

Argentina mod

Dibujo de Flu Argenina


Dibujo de Flu Catalan