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A program developed to support the teaching of Mapudungun as a second language (Mapudungun Mew version 1.5)

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Mapudungun Mew

Dewma dunguiñ, rakiduamkeiñ ka anülkeiñ kimün. Feychi dungu mew nentuiñ feytachi küdaw, kellual tañi wiñotual taiñ ñüküfelchi dungu, chew tañi amulenmew kuyfike kimün, chew tañi nor kününgeken dungun. Taiñ küdaw tati, elam pu pichike wentru ka pu pichike domo mew, kidu taiñ kimün, kidu taiñ dungun, ka taiñ rakiduam, tañi newentuleal taiñ tuwün.
Feytamew müley pu pichike che ka pu füchake che ñi dungun, üñum ñi dungun, anümka ka trayen, taiñ adümnieal nor dungun mew, kimal taiñ tuwun ka taiñ nütramkayal wall mapu mew, dungun müley tañi nütramkangeal ka tañi adümal kidu mew.

In English: Speaking a language is to think, feel, imagine, and create. That is precisely the aim of this project, in which Mapudungun –the Earth’s language– brings back the silenced voices that constructed ancient knowledge and thus helps us make decisions with the strength of words. It is our commitment to convey to Mapuche children their own history, their language, and their philosophy of life in order to reassert their identity. In the program, we included the voices of children, adults, and elderly people, as well as those of birds, trees, and rivers, to allow them to continue learning with dignity and in an horizontal manner, aware of their origins and ready to converse with the world, because languages must fill the spaces of communication and learning.

Share your experience and send us your suggestions to improve Mapudungun Mew; to do so, you must enter the following information: username: invitado / password: Invitado.1HERE

If you wish to install the latest version of Mapudungun Mew, check the instructions on the following PDF document: 

Mapudungun Mew installer