A virtual desktop for stimulating the reading development of children with with special educational needs

For Android: La Mesita

La Mesita is a freely downloadable application for touch devices, especially suited to tablets. In addition, an Internet connection is only needed for downloading it, but it can be used off-line.

This application is aimed at developing the reading skills of children with special educational needs in a flexible, organic, and fun way, using path-based work focused on stimulating auditory discrimination, phonological skills, linguistic skills, the alphabetic principle, and literacy.

La Mesita is a flexible tool that can be explored autonomously by children and also allows them to work alongside a mediator, who can adapt an intervention program. The application includes a Work Manual that operates as a reading instruction model that provides a set of recommendations for designing and implementing a stimulation program.

The application includes a set of tools that can be used to present a number of activities through writing, images of objects, short stories, the arrangement of stories, and the modification of objects or words, among other tasks.

The program was created as part of FONDEF project No. IT14I10044 “Aprender a leer jugando: Diseño de evaluación de actividades lúdicas basadas en tabletas digitales para estimulación del aprendizaje lector en niños y niñas con Síndrome de Down” [Learning to read by playing: Designing ludic activities based on digital tablets to stimulate reading acquisition in children with Down’s syndrome].