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A program for accessing preschool contents, ideally suited to children with visual difficulties. It can also be used by people with typical visual development.

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This program focuses on developing -in a fun way for children- notions and concepts prior to schooling, such as language, numbers, and spatial and temporal orientation.

El Toque Mágico (The Magic Touch) is ideally suited to children with visual difficulties aged 3-6 who are beginning to learn the days of the week, numbers, stories, words, or concepts such as left and right, among others.

How does it work?

It has an auditory interface that covers four areas (language, numbers, space, and time) in which the child learns by playing. The program combines audio with images, along with interactive features that also make it attractive for children with typical visual development: El Toque Mágico is intended to be inclusive, and invites people with and without visual disorders to participate.

To begin exploring El Toque Mágico, the user does not need a third party or a mediator: instead, he or she can use the program autonomously on any computer or tablet with an Internet connection.

Children with visual difficulties who have screen readers such as Jaws do not need a mediator to start the program and can use it autonomously.