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Aimed at people who wish to learn sign language, regardless of their listening ability.

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A sign language dictionary. It is that simple and that complicated, all at once. Why? Because, unlike what may be commonly thought, reading and sign language are two completely new forms of communication, unrelated to conventional Spanish. For this reason, reading is hard for these people: they lack a mental auditory representation of letters, syllables, words…

Dicciseñas is a dictionary that connects written words with their sign language translation through a short video with an interpreter, in most cases a deaf child. It shows translations for more than 500 words of written Spanish, sorted by categories, and translated into Chilean, Spanish, Argentinian, Costa Rican, Mexican, and Uruguayan Sign Language.

Even though this system may be a little frustrating during the first stages of development –when young children know neither the written word nor sign language– Dicciseñas is an attractive program for and by blind children, which fosters closeness, helps develop a sense of belonging, and encourages children to feel proud of their language