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Cantaletras is aimed at helping children between 4 and 10 years of age learn to write

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Cantaletras is a program created to assist blind or low-vision children aged 4-10 in their writing acquisition process. It is a tool designed not only from the point of view of learning, but also from that of the educator, who has resources and advice at his/her disposal that can be used to reinforce the teaching model adopted.

The program was recently renewed and has a friendly user interface for all children, regardless of their visual acuity.

What is its structure?

Intended for blind or low vision children, it features Spanish voice synthesis for the navigation menu. It is aimed at enabling blind children to learn and practice Braille writing through using cell  and Perkins machine modes. In order to do this, the program features activities focused on knowledge of the letters and their spatial location on the computer keyboard.

From the student’s point of view, Cantaletras is structured upon the basis of progressive difficulty levels that range from reading preparation to the reading of short texts.

For educators, the program provides resources for both beginners and experts through advice that supports the teaching process. In addition, Cantaletras includes two manuals, one instructional and another pedagogical, which cover the specifics of Braille reading and writing.